Sunday, December 15, 2013

A beautiful memorabilia

Today I decorated the room with flowers to change the atmosphere.
Texas Bluebell smells good.I love this pale purple colour.
This beautiful vase is a present from Adriana when she came to Japan in April 2012 from Romania.
She came all the way from Romania to Japan,and she visited Kyoto and Nara. We had a pleasant time there.This vase is a reminder of our memories.
I love the shape and colourings of this base very much.
Thank you so much,Adriana!


  1. Thank you very much, Kumiko, for this nice post! It's my pleasure that you enjoy and use the vase:) When I bought it, I thought that it has a design which resemble with something Japanese?! Isn't it, do I mistake? Anyhow, I took good care of the vase in the aircraft and on the transit airports (Istanbul and Osaka) and then in Shinkansen. Have a plesant time ahead!

  2. P.S. The flower are beautiful too, all of them! As on Sunday will be my birthday, I consider this bouquet mine:)

  3. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    You came all the way to Japan from such a far place,
    carrying this carefully,
    and this present was a delightful surprise to me.
    Thank you so much!
    Yes,it has spiral patterns,this design has a resemblance to something Japanese,I think.
    Yes,these beautiful flowers are for your birthday present,Traveling Hawk!
    Happy Birthday! :)

  4. What an interesting pattern ! It's a lovely bouquet :)

  5. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    Yes,I love this pattern,too! It is really unique pattern. And I love this vase.
    Thank you,these flowers are Texas Bluebell and Carnation,
    these are my favorite flowers.

    May you enjoy the special moments of the Christmas Season,Walter!