Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year Greeting event by maiko and geiko (Miyagawa-cho,Kyoto) January 5.2014

On January 5,we went to Miyagawacho,Kyoto.
We could see an event of New Year's greeting by maiko and geiko.
There were many cameramen there,
and some of them said,"It would be preferable if they wear more colorful kimono",
but every year,in this greeting event,it is custom for them to wear black kimono crested.
Young maiko : They wear black frisode with gorgeous designs on both shoulders.
Elder maiko : They wear black furisode with no designs on both shoulders.
Geiko : They wear black tomesode with no designs on both shoulders.
And in the way of tying an obi belt,there are some differences between maiko and geiko.
Anyway, it is lucky for us to see such a great scene at the beginning of this year :)


  1. Very nice! I love to see maiko and geiko all dressed up!

  2. @jadeXcore,
    Thank you,jadeXcore!
    Normally,at the beginning of the year,they hold the opening ceremony and greeting event on January 7,but only in Miyagawacho,the greeting event is previously held on January 5.
    If you enjoy this post,I'm very happy :)

  3. Great! I love those kimonos, even if they are black. I have nothing against black. It was an interesting display, I guess. Happy you!

  4. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    Indeed,it is funny display :) I think this is maiko.
    Yes,luckly we could see these scenes.
    It is my pleasure if you enjoy this post :)

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, Kumiko-san ! So much detail :) I see that they all wear red underkimonos and the maiko's kanzashi have a flower arrangement on the left and yellow rice (straw ?) on the right. The colourful designs show up real well against a black background. Is New Year the only time they wear these designs ?

  6. Kumiko, thank you for sharing real pics of this amazing event!!!
    yes, crested kuromontsuki are the most official kimono and traditionally worn around new Year celebration events!

  7. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    That's right,it is rice straw. Indeed,the kimono patterns contrast well with black background.
    No,another greeting event is held on every August 1,called "Hassaku".
    On this day,maiko and geiko also wear these black kimono. These black kimono is the most formal dress,and they wear it on limited occasions such as greeting events.(Showing the feelings of gratitude towards people they rely on or beloved is very important for them.)

  8. @molla,
    Thank you,molla!
    That's right,you're well informed about their kimono! To my surprise,you know the word "kuromontsuki"! You know better than me.
    I am happy if you are pleased with this post :)