Sunday, March 16, 2014

Japanese Apricot Bonsai Exhibition (Bonbai Ten) in Koriyama Castle in Nara 2014 (2)

In this room,Apricot Bonsais are displayed in two lines.
It is really grand sight.
I hope you'll enjoy these photos.
This bonsai is named "Maihime"(Dancing Queen).
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  1. They are splendid, Kumiko! I can imagine a whole orchard of blooming apricot. What a view. Here, the apricots are only white and they are in bloom now.

    I wish you both a nice weekend!

  2. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    Their blooming period is short,luckily I could see them.
    It is a surprise to me to hear that apricots are in bloom now in your country,too!
    You too,Traveling Hawk,wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. Great pictures ! Thank you for posting this. They all look so beautiful.

  4. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    I'm glad to hear that you enjoy this post.
    And they smell so seet!
    Thank you,and please have a nice weekend!