Friday, April 25, 2014

Cherry blossoms in Kamigamo Shrine,Kyoto

Last, I want to tell you about this shrine (where spring poetry party was held) in Kyoto.
Kamigamo Shrine was coustructed about 1340 years ago.
  This shrine was designated a UNESCO World Heritage in 1994.
 This shrine enshrines the god of thunder,
so this shrine is famous for bringing us the benefit of keeping off every trouble or evil spirits.
I'm happy if you enjoy these pics below.
Full-blown cherry blossoms.
The entrance of Kamigamo Shrine.
This shrine keeps white horse.
There are many cherry trees in the wide ground of this shrine.
They were at their best.(Last weekend)
There were many visitors,many of them came to see cherry blossoms.
This is the garden where poetry party was held.
Usually this garden is not shown to the public.Today luckily we could manage to see it.
This is the main shrine building.
Everyone seemed to enjoy beautiful cherry trees.Some of them enjoy picnic under the full-blown trees.

Thank you for reading this post.
Please have a wonderful weekend!


  1. @muntan,
    Thank you,muntan!
    I'm happy if you like it.
    Please have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That's a very beautiful shrine and garden! The weeping cherry trees are all lovely. There were even some people in kimono too. Is that the Kamo river in your picture ? It looks so clean.. Thank you for posting so many pictures !

  3. The cherry trees repeating once again the cycle of life and colors.
    A joy for all.

  4. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    Yes,honestly,it's my first time to see this shrine's weeping sakura.
    They're impressive to me,too.
    Yes,some women were wearing kimono,formal style.
    This river is a tributary river of Kamo river,
    the name is "Myoujin-river". Yes,the water was so clean,
    It is my pleasure,Walter!
    Please have a wonderful week! (^_^)/

  5. @Geraldo Maia,
    Thank you,Geraldo!
    please have a wonderful week!

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    1. @molla,
      Thank you,molla!
      Hope you'll have a nice weekend!

  7. Hanami time! I had in plan to visit this shrine too but time was too short! Sakura is wonderful there. Our cherries here, the simple, normal, white cherry, are flowerless now and May cherries are already on the market. Just these days I showed my photos from Kyoto to a cousin of mine. Nice to remember!

  8. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    Yes,there are too many shrines in Kyoto! I wish I could have visited there with you during your stay.
    Yes,even if blossoms pass away,the memories of trip will stay with you :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day,Traveling Hawk!

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  10. It's very beautiful. I plan to visit Japan this year and I am very excited. The flowers are beautiful. Hope you'll have a nice weekend!