Thursday, February 11, 2016

US presidential primaries 2016

US presidential primaries draw attention here in Japan now.
Mr Trump and Mr Sanders won New Hampshire by large margins.

"Bombastic Republican outsider"  (the guardian), haha,it's nice expression.
"Where most candidates lobby for endorsements from prominent members of their own party,Trump has gleefully insulted Republican insiders." (Vox)
It's interesting.
He has also been a skilled user of social media,that is the key in his success.

Apparently Sanders is the overwhelming favorite of young voters.
I heard that now "socialism" is becoming more popular with young Americans.

Next race goes to South Carolina, I'm always focused on it.

Election wins energize Osaka Ishin


  1. I didn't know you are interested in politics, Kumiko! But yes, politics influence our lives!

  2. Yes indeed,Traveling Hawk!
    Recently,Osaka city has succeeded in political reforms.
    Osaka people kicked out the old power,and chose new,young governers recently.
    No other city has ever made such miracle in Japan.
    Now Osaka is the most democratic city in our country.
    I'm interested in our politics very much,as well as foreign politics.