Friday, May 13, 2016

Rikyu and Hideyoshi

On Sunday,I'm watching "Sanada-maru",historical TV show. (NHK)
Rikyu,master of a tea ceremony,is one of the supporting character on this TV show.
He served Lord Hideyoshi,as a close advisor.
Rikyu pursued "Wabi-Sabi",which means simplicity,calmness,modesty.
But his Lord Hideyoshi was showy man,he didn't like Rikyu's style.
There is a feud between Rikyu and Hideyoshi,
And finally,Hideyoshi ordered Rikyu hara-kiri.(Rikyu died in 1591.)

This is a famous historical incident in Japan.
Rikyu was so influencial man,so he was always a menace for Lord Hideyoshi.

I'm not sure if I can see this story on Sanada-maru.
I'm looking for watching it on this Sunday.

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  1. It is always fascinating for me, and also difficult to understand, when I hear about such day-to-day facts in medieval Japan, about this loyality of the people lower in rank, who can be ordered to commit hara-kiri, and they obey! To have the right of life and death of one's subordinates existed once in Europe too but hara-kiri seems to me as something full of dignity, of great soul quality on the part of those who commited it!

    1. Thank you,Traveling Hawk.This is a mystery.The reason why Hideyoshi ordered Rikyu to commit hara-kiri is a big mystery in Japan even now.
      Many retainers fawn on Load Hideyoshi,flatter Hideyoshi,but only Rikyu didn't.
      Rikyu didn't flatter Hideyoshi.He never compromised his principles.
      Rikyu believed in himself,he was proud of himself.
      That is why he seized the hearts of many people.
      Rikyu was so influencial among people that finally he become a menace to the Load.
      I think that is the reason why Rikyu was ordered to commit hara-kiri by the Load.
      Yes,you're right,he kept his dignity,he kept his soul quality until the very end.
      I admire his consistency,his way of life.