Monday, November 7, 2016

Autumn scenery of Watarase Valley,South Nara

Last Sunday,I visited Mitarai River in South Nara.
This valley is famous for its beautiful autumn scenery.
The road is very narrow as you see,
so this time,I parked the car beforehand,and walked this road,seeing the autumn scenery.
After seeing autumn view,I got back to the parking place.
Momiji Matsuri,autumn event were being held here.
There were many food boothes here,
I tried fried venison.It was nice.
Thank you for coming to this blog :)


  1. Nice scenery! I believe you that it is nice to walk there and admire the landscape!

  2. I envy you for the opportunity to see this festival (and other more, connected with your history)

    1. Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
      Yes,that's right.I admire this scenery,too.
      The air and the water are so clear,It's a nice hiking course.
      Yes,it's fun to join this festival,there are lots of food shops.
      Above all,I like fried venison and boar!
      From November to next March,it is hunting season here.Gibier is not our daily food,it is special food.We can eat only at festivals or inn dinner.