Thursday, November 11, 2010

My little cat "Hime"

Her name is "Hime".She is 2 years old, Scottish Fold.
She is so cute,smart,sometimes naugty,temperamental,wild,and warm-hearted.
Her bearing is so refind,noble by nature.
She seems to keep a little distance from us (like any other cat).This is the difference between dogs and cats.
Dogs rush to us when we call them,but Hime gives us reluctant answer,for example,wags her tail tiredly,and she doesn't budge an inch.
That's why my husband can't understand her.He likes dogs very much,because dogs rush to him whenever he calls.But cat is,kind of,self-important,haughty animal by nature.Cat never moves even when she is called.
He sometimes complains about her."She always keeps her back to us." "She is like a celeb."
My husband loves Hime.But sometimes it seemes that he can't understand her,because Hime is temperamental,and too cautious by nature.
It gets colder in November,so I gave her a blanket,heated the room with a heater for her.She is sleeping innnocently now.


  1. kumiko-san thank you for giving me the words on my blog.
    your comments will be published after about 30 days.

  2. @muntan,
    Thank you,muntan!
    Your blog is so lovely :)

  3. kumiko-san thank you for comments on mischa.
    by the way i saw the moon too.
    i took some photos of the moon.
    but it was very bright, so it was hard to take rabbits on it.

  4. @muntan,
    Thank you,muntan!
    Oh,me too,
    I couldn't take rabbit on the moon either..
    Maybe,next chance :)
    Your kitten is so cute :)

  5. kumiko-san thank you for the comment on mischa yawn.
    your english looks very polite, i like it.

  6. blooming cosmos flowers are so beautiful. it's good photos.