Monday, November 29, 2010

Hime, playful,and ladylike

Good evening!
Her way of sitting is so elegant.(No one trained her to do like that.This is by nature.)
Now is the end of November,It's getting colder and colder here,Yoshino.
So I dressed  my cat a knit wear.I am always careful about air condition of her room.
Her water vessel is always full of water.If water is running short,it's not good for her health,especially for her kidney.

She occupies the sofa as if she owns the place.Sometimes I tell her to move. Sometimes she moves reluctantly.
When she steps onto the dining table,I scold her. She never repeat mistakes.
2 years have passed since she came to our house. We maintain a friendly relationship.


  1. Hime looks like quite the fine lady - and she's such a beautiful cat. It also sounds like she is about as spoiled as my old dog was (only in a good way, of course). :)

  2. @Seglare,
    Thank you very much.That's true,She is spoiled,naughty girl...
    Your dog is so cute. "Had he been a person instead, he would have been a food blogger..." It's so funny.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this ! She's very beautiful! Kumiko-san , when I lived with my parents, I had a dog for fourteen years. Amazingly , one day a cat moved in and lived with us and the dog for 5 years till the dog died. Never knew where she came from but she was very used to living with dogs..
    When I started living on my own in a house with a garden I got a very young cat (Kedam) from a friend who couldn't keep her at her apartment and she lived at my house for 16 years till she died. You can see her here and here
    Both deaths were heart-breaking to me, but a year ago in August I went to an animal shelter and got another cat : she'd been found living in the wild while less than a year old. Unfortunately she was so lively and fierce that she'd been there for 8 months and people always want a neutered tom or a quiet kitty that they can take on their lap. Hmpf.. The first year she used to scratch me and bite me every time we had a discussion, haha ! the last 6 months she's getting much moe gentle, because she trusts me much more. She still bites me gently in my calf or on my arm to attract attention but without breaking the skin ( just like a kitten would bite her mother for attention ) ^^ .
    You can find her here on my blog :
    "the sofa, as if she owns the place" ? HAhaha ,but of course ! Your cat ( and my cat and all cats from their way of looking at their world ) ALWAYS own the place . It's THEIR house, their territory and you're also allowed to live there ^^ .
    You are allowed/required to
    - open the doors for them , provide food and shelter and entertainment whenever required :) Unlike my dog , who is an animal used to living in a group, cats live alone and they are natural predators. Once you accept this, you're on your way to understand dogs and cats :)

  4. @Walter,

    Thank you,Walter! I found your comment on this post today. Sorry for the delay in my response.

    Kedam is very beautiful black cat! I saw her on your blog.She is in the snow,very beautiful.
    And Natsuki,she is very beautiful cat,too! I saw her on your post. She is very active even in the snow.Maybe she thinks you are her real father.

    That's right,Walter,it's THEIR house! HAHAHA! I'm allowed to live there! XD I'm slave or servant of her.
    Yes,there is a big difference between dogs and cats. Dogs are more friendly to us than cats.Cats are originally loner. They like to act independently. This gap is hard to close.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my post,Walter!