Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mt.Yoshino ー ①Beautiful mountain where maple, gingko trees vie for our attention with their beauty

      I went Mt.yoshino 3 days ago.
     Mt.yoshino is famous for its beautiful scenery.
      This is one of UNESCO World Heritage National Park.
      In Spring and Autumn,a lot of people visit there.
      (In Spring,many people visit there to see beautiful cherry blossom.) 
      The whole mountainside was ablaze with scarlet-tinged leaves.
      The  history of this mountain dates back to the 7th century.
     This mountain has a long history.
      Many historic event happend,
      and many historical people visited this mountain.
      For example,
      Yoshitsune,Japanese famous samurai,
      hid in this mountain about 1000 years ago,
      because  he  was defeated in battle,and he had a very narrow escape.
      The history of Mt.Yoshino is interesting.
      I would like to show you some of photos of this mountain.

This tree is called "Momiji" in Japan.
In autumn,many mountains are ablaze with scarlet-tinged Momiji leaves.
Mt.Yoshino is one of them.They are so beautiful.

This is the road to summit of this mountain,lined with beautiful Momiji trees.
This road is good hiking course,too,so is very popular among middle-aged people.

In autumn,we can enjoy the autumn color of this mountain,
and in april,the whole mountainside is covered with cherry blossoms.They're wonderful.
This website above is about Mt.Yoshino.
If you need more information,please check this site. 


  1. Hi Kumiko,

    Thank you for visiting my blog - which led me to yours. Your pictures from Mt. Yoshino are so beautiful! I have never heard of Momiji trees before. Do you know if they are related to maple (they look a bit similar, and seem to change colors in much the same way)? :)

  2. @Seglare,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    You are right."Momiji" is related to maple.
    "Momiji" is one of the species of maple.
    In Japanese,we call maple "Kaede". And "Kaede" has various species. "Momiji" is one of the species of "Kaede". And they change colors in much the same way.

  3. Wow, beautiful places and scenery. I love the white cat, Ten. I love cats. I just lost my lovely Siamese, Sasha. She was 15 years old. I miss her very much. I hope to be able to visit Japan one day.

  4. @Freida,
    Thank you very much. You lost your lovely cat.
    It's very sad. I hope your visiting to Japan come true. thank you.