Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kyoto-Sweets (京菓子)

These are Kyo-gashi.
They're colorful and the shape is cute.
They're like jelly coated with sugar,so the feel of them are a bit hard.

These are Namagashi,soft Japanese sweets.

These are sweets of elaborate craftsmanship.
So if you visit Kyoto,please try these Kyo-gashi by all means.

The website below shows the process of creating Kyo-gashi,please visit it.
Fukuya(富久屋) is a good sweets store in Kyoto.


  1. Aaaaahhhhhhh, I WAAAAAAAANNT it!!! Love Japanese sweets! Thay are beautiful and taste wonderful!!! Thank you for the post, Kumiko! LOVE it!!!

  2. @Andrea,
    I'm very happy you like them! And I love your reaction.
    I love Bella.She is really cute!

  3. I have so hunger XD
    It's really beautiful sweets :D

  4. @Tifette,
    Thank you!I'm very happy you like them.
    J'aime la confiture de Christine Feber.(Gelée de coings d'Alsace à la rose) It's my favorite.

  5. I've never taste confiture coings with rose.
    But my mum make jelly with coings, and other jelly.
    I've taste confiture d'orange sanguine de Christine Feber, I like :D

  6. @Tifette,
    Oh,your mother's handmade confiture...
    Ce sera certainement bonne!

  7. What would you suggest as a good sweet for Winter?
    We have a medieval recipe called "white leach" which is a milk jelly with rose water. It is very refreshing and sweet.

  8. @Tallulah,
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    White leach...
    Wow,it must be very delicious..
    Well,for example,a rice cake covered with bean jam,called "Ankoro-mochi",or sweet adzuki(red-bean)soup with pieces of rice cake,called "Zenzai".
    Especially "Zenzai" is a typical winter sweet in Japan.It is worth trying!^ ^