Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kyo-Ningyo ー Tanaka Doll Shop (京人形 田中彌) in Kyoto

If you visit Kyoto,I recommend "Tanaka Doll Shop".(京人形 田中彌)
You can see these all dolls in this shop.
This is long-established famous shop since 1808.
(Attention: The dolls change every season.)

The above three pictures are "Hina-ningyo".
We celebrate the Girls' Festival on March 3.
Parents who have little girl display these kind of dolls in their house on that day.

The above three pictures are "Ichimatsu-ningyo".(市松人形)
These are originally a doll for dress-up.
These are traditional craft in Japan.
Kyoto girl in ancient times.

These are good for souvenir when you visit Kyoto,I think.


  1. OMG, I wish I could arrange autentic hina matsuri day in our home. We have no dolls:(

  2. @molla,
    Thank you for visiting!
    I think your Yuzen handmade crafts are really amazing!

  3. i just love ichimatsu dolls! i just have one but it is beautiful. You can see her in this link:
    I named her Momochi,she really looks like a baby! hope you enjoy ^_~

  4. @Kimichisai,
    Thank you for leaving a comment!
    Your ichimatsu doll is really beautiful!
    And I love your Baby Bunnys! They're so cute!

  5. Your blog is lovely. I hope you and all your family are well in this hard time for Japan. Take care.

  6. Thank you so much.Let us keep people suffered great damage in our thoughts during this hard time.

  7. Hi Kumiko, Thank you for this wonderfull photos. I'm a ningyo collector from Poland. Me and my family are going to visit Japan in March, 2014. We will see Kyoto and Nara, so your photos are very helpfull for me. Lots of greetings from Krakow -

  8. @Magda,
    Thank you,Magda!
    It is my pleasure if this post will help you.
    And please enjoy Kyoto and Nara to your hearts content.
    I hope you will find nice doll there!
    Please have a nice trip :)