Friday, June 17, 2011

Hina-Ningyo (Takatori,Nara)

They're"Hina-Ningyo". I happened to see them in Nara,on this March.
People use bamboo to display these dolls.
This style of Hina-Ningyo dispray is not always seen in Japan, 
I think this kind of display is rare in Japan,but it's interesting.

They're tiny and cute...

This is an ancient kimono.

These are balls of cotton wound tightly around with threads of many colors for bouncing.

The two people(on the top shelf) are emperor and empress.
The three women are servants.
This is one of typical way of dispray.

This is also emperor and empress,and their servant.

These dolls are also disprayed.
This girl is carrying a balance.

This doll has a hat decorated with wisteria. 

You can see these Hina-Ningyo in Takatori,Nara,on March,(March 1ーMarch 31)
This is an annual event in Takatori,Nara, and every year,many tourists visit to enjoy this event.


  1. Is it the doll for girl festival ? Hina matsuri ?
    Beautiful photo :)

  2. Those dolls are so beautiful! I wish we had more things like that in America!

  3. Aw, such cute lil dolls! =D I used to collect porcelain dolls when I was a little girl. I think I still have some of them put away somewhere.

  4. @Tifette,
    Yes,that's right.This is Hina matsuri on March.
    On March,we hold this event in Japan,especially for little girl.
    Merci beaucoup.

  5. @jadeXcore,
    Thank you very much!I love these dolls,too.
    And there are plenty of things we're attracted in US....

  6. @Trish,
    Oh,really?Porcelain dolls are very beautiful..
    Thank you for your warm comment.