Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seien (栖園)-Sweets Cafe in Kyoto,Karasuma

From this outward appearance,who believes that this is "sweets cafe"...?
But this is cafe,"Seien" (栖園), since 1885.
That appearance is very tasteful...
This shop curtain, which is hung outside the entrance,is impressive.
This shop is located near Kyoto-Daimaru (Department Store) in Karasuma.

I ordered "Kohaku-Nagashi" (left) and "Zenzai"(right).

This is "Kohaku-Nagashi".
This dessert is like transparent jelly,and apricot is on it.
This dessert has an apricot taste,which is sweet and sour.
"Kohaku" means "amber".
This dessert is amber-colored,that is the origin of the name of this dessert.
This amber color comes from this apricot.
This is cool-looking summer dessert.
 This is "Zenzai", sweet red-bean soup with pieces of rice cake.
In summer,we enjoy cool Zenzai, and in winter,we enjoy hot Zenzai.
This is yummy...^ ^

And I bought these desserts for souvenir.^ ^
They are made in the shape of sweetfish,inside is a white bean jam.
Around the fishes,there are cute sweets...flowers,fruits,eggplant...
They're colourful and cute.


  1. amazing sweets, so sophisticated in look, and I spuppose so tasty!

  2. Again, they look almost to good to be eaten.
    I am not that much into red-bean stuff, but the kohaku-nagashi looks interesting and refreshing.
    I'll defineatly try that one if I get the chance to do so. ^^

  3. @molla,
    Thank you,molla!
    They're sweets for summer.
    In summer,we enjoy these sweets so that we can forget the intense heat of summer in Japan.^ ^

  4. @SilberRegen,
    Thank you very much!
    "Daigokuden-Seien" is the full name of this shop.(大極殿 栖園)
    This is a famous cafe with a long and distinguished history.
    Yeah,Kohaku-Nagashi(琥珀流し)is very good.I want you to try that^ ^

  5. mmmmmmmm ... I'm hungry! ;-)

  6. @Trish,
    lol If you like them,I'm very happy(^_^)
    I love to explore Kyoto for sweets and cafe.
    Sometimes I find good shop like this.