Sunday, September 11, 2011

Atelier Dousen(道宣)ー Yuzen kimono Atelier (Kyoto)

  He is Mr.Murata Dousen.
He is Yuzen kimono creator(artisan) in Kyoto. He is 70 years old.
50 years have passed since he engaged in creating kimono.
He dyes kimono from starts to finish by himself,and he seldom assigns his task to other people,
because he is very particular about his works.
But he is kind enough to show me his atelier and his works.
There are so many brushes and tools he uses every days...
These are tools he uses habitually.
Most of these brushes are made by wool.
He starts his work from making a sketch outside.
For example,he goes to the mountains or rivers,
for making a sketch.
These sketches are important for his creation,
because these sketches are the basis of his kimono patterns.
Then he makes a drawing of kimono,reffering to his sketches.
This is his conception of finished kimono.
And he draws outline of flowers on a cloth.
Special water colors are used for this outline.
This is a roll of cloth for kimono(finished).
This is also his work.
Camellia and Japanese apricot designs are beautiful.

These kimonos are also his works.
It takes about 1 year to create a kimono.
Sometimes he stays up all night to finish his kimono.
His kimonos are full of originality.
His simple rough sketches turn into these beautiful kimono...
These works are the fruit of his great labor.


  1. This kimono are so beautiful <3
    I love yuzen dyed kimono, they often are gorgeously designed with so much small details.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely pictures (^.^)

  2. @SilberRegen,
    Thank you for your so quick responce(^.^)
    I'm very happy if you like this kimono.
    Yes,details,hand-drawn patterns are so small and delicate,that is one of a characteristic of Yuzen.
    Yuzen dyeing requires skill and experience,and creatuve power.

  3. Thank you,Tifette!
    I'm sorry I'm very late for replying to you.
    How are you these days?
    I'll visit your blog soon^ ^

  4. It's an amazing work! Such beautiful and delicate designs and colors!

  5. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you for leaving a comment.
    He will be pleased to hear your impression on his work.
    His work needs perseverance and patience.And he loves his work.There are many artisans like him in Japan. I hope their works and their techniques will be handed down from generation to generation.