Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Japanese cats cafe

This is Japanese "cats cafe".
We can have a pleasant time with so many cute cats,drinking coffee,and feeding them in this cafe.
These days,cafes of this type are more and more increasing in Japan.They are very popular.

He is sooo relaxing...!

We can have relaxing time with these Cheshire cats...
This cafe is located in Nara,near Ikoma station.
If you have occation to visit Nara,please drop in at this cafe. (Cat's tail is the shop's name.)

Weekday : AM11:00 - PM18:30
Saturday,Sunday : AM 10:30 - PM19:00
5 minutes walk from Kintetsu Ikoma Station (Kintetsu Line)
TEL :0743-74-7033    CAT TAIL (There is a parking)
Facebook :
 Address : Granvia Ikoma 1F
                 Higashi-Matsugaoka 2-1
                 Ikoma-shi  Nara prefecture
        (〒630-0244 奈良県生駒市東松ヶ丘2-1 グランビア生駒 1F)
キャットテイル 猫カフェ


  1. Beautiful pictures and I love the way you try to imagine what the cats were thinking. I have never been to Japan, but having heard about the disaster that happened this past march and watching the Nadeshiko win the women's world cup, I hope to one day visit your beautiful country which so far I have only seen in pictures and photographs

  2. Thank you very much for your warm comment.
    Yes,it is true that when the disaster happened in March,we Japanese were completely discouraged by that. But now,we are gradually recovering...
    Thank you for your encouraging comment,and we do hope you'll visit and enjoy our country!
    Thank you so much.

  3. Wow, it seems to be really nice! I've never been to Japan too, but when I will go there I'll surely visit one of these cats cafes:D I don't have a cat by myself(but I have a cute rabbit named Gienek:D) so it would be an amazing experience.
    I think I become more and more interested in Japan, it's such wonderful country with rich and well preserved traditional culture! I really like it:) Its so different from Poland-a lot of people here think that Polish traditional culture and history is uninteresting and out of date... It's really sad that people want to forget old traditions:<
    Kumiko, your blog is very interesting! I think I'll visit your blog frequently. I've learned a lot about your fascinating country and I hope that I'll go to Japan soon.
    I'm sending you best regards from Poland:D!

  4. @Moni,
    Thank you very much for your warm comment!
    Yeah,we do hope you'll visit and enjoy our country!
    I haven't been to Poland,it must be wonderful country...I know Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin,he is popular among Japanese people.
    In Japan too,especially young people forget old tradition,for example,kimono culture...
    So many good kimono shops go bunkrupt..It is really sad,but it is true.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.I'm really happy if you're interested in Japan and its culture.Please enjoy Japan!
    kisses from Japan

  5. May I know the exact location and address? Im going to stay in a hotel near JR Nara station. Thank you.

  6. @Hadi Kamal
    Sure,sorry for delay in my response. I'll tell you the location after finishing today's my work. Please wait. Thank you :)

  7. Dear Hadi Kamal,
    I added Map and explanation (the address,phone number,available time of this cat cafe) to this post today.
    This cat cafe is located near Kintetsu Ikoma Station (Kintetsu Line).
    If you arrive Kintetsu Ikoma Station,please show this map to the station man,and find this cafe.
    Hope you'll have a wonderful time with lovely cats!