Friday, November 4, 2011

Gion-Odori (Autumn dance performance by Geiko and Maiko) ③

It is good to visit Gion at the beginning of November,
and please enjoy Maiko performance!
This performance is held from November 1 through November 10 at Gion Kaikan. 


  1. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you.Reddish brown kimono is autumn color in Japan.I'm happy if you can feel Japanese autumn from this post.

  2. Dear Kumiko, I love your blog.
    I'm reading the autobiography of Mineko Iwasaki just now and I think that Gion is a wonderful place.
    When I went to Japan, I saw only Tokyo. Next time I will surely visit Kyoto!

  3. @Akiko,
    Dear Akiko,thank you very much for leaving a comment.
    I visited your blog,it is really nice!( I don't have facebook account,so I can't follow your blog)
    If you go to Gion at the beginning of November,you can enjoy seeing this Maiko performance.
    And April is also good to see Maiko performance and cherry blossoms.
    In primavera possiamo ammirare la fioritura dei ciliegi.
    Are you teacing Japanese language,and are you law student? Sono molto felice.