Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miyamaー Beautiful hamlets in north Kyoto

If you yearn for a glimpse of old rural Japan,head to lovely Miyama,
a town nested in the Kitayama mountains of northern Kyoto.
The town is composed of several village clusters spread over a large area.
These picturesque hamlets are home to an abundance of traditional
Kayabuki-yane(thatched-roof) farmhouses
thatched with a thick roof of long susuki (pampas grass) reeds.
Miyama-cho has become a popular home for artists,
and is also gaining attention from outdoor enthusiasts
for its excellent hiking,camping and kayaking on the Yura-river.
There are many thatched-roof farmhouses.
Some of the houses are farmhouses,and oters are cafe,inn,and so on.
There are many wild flowers.
This is also thatched-roof farmhouses.
Scarlet-tinged leaves are beautiful.
This is Yura-river.
There are many tourists from abroad.
It is possible to travel to Miyama as a day trip from Kyoto,but it makes a much nicer overnight trip.
In 1994 the village was designated a national preservation site.
There is not much to do in the village except walk around and admire the wonderful old houses.
Miyama is located in "Nantan City", next to Kyoto City. (Please look at this map.)
Public transport is very poor in this area(Nantan-City).

How to access

JR Kyoto - JR Sonobe JR train (570yen,44 minutes /one-way)
JR Sonobe - Miyama(Kayabuki-no-sato)   →a municipal bus (900yen,50 minutes/one-way)

Kajika-sou(河鹿荘) 10,000~13,000 yen a night per head (dinner and breakfast are included) 
You need reservation beforehand.
Tel  0771-77-0014
※Attention   Dishes change every season.
This dish is an example.

If you want to know more.....→Miyama tourist society  Tel 0771-75-1906


  1. I appreciate your blog as a source of information, as I will visit Kyoto next April. May I offer a suggestion? When you write about places such Miyama, could you be more specific, please, about transport: train/bus, hours, cost, etc.? These would be valuable for tourists like me.

  2. I would love to visit this beautiful place one day! For now, thanks for letting me see it through your posting and lovely pictures!
    your friend Freida from the US!

  3. @Traveling Hawk,
    I hope these infomations will help your trip.
    Please have a nice Kyoto trip on April.It will be exciting to you.

  4. @Freida,
    I'm happy if you like this place.
    Yes,this place is very beautiful and peaceful.
    I hope you'll visit and enjoy this place one day!
    your friend Kumiko from JP

  5. Thank you very much, Ku,iko, for this information. It surely will help.

  6. Hi Kumiko san,
    I'm LuMin from Malaysia.
    I planning to visit Miyama by 17th Jan'2013.
    But, I checked the transportation to access Miyama is quite difficult and confusing.
    Can you advise more details for the access?
    Do you think there is snowing or snow in Miyama during that period?

    I hope to visit Nara too, but I can't found any from your blog :(