Monday, May 7, 2012

Wisteria garden (Manyou-botanical garden,Nara)

I went to Manyou-Botanical Garden in Nara today.This botanical garden is located near Kasuga-taisha shrine.
In May,Wisteria is in full bloom here,
many tourists visit here to enjoy beautiful garden.
Wisteria has been like a symbol flower of Kasuga-Taisha,since ancient times.
There are more than 10 species of wisteria here.
I uploaded the scene on YouTube;

Hope you'll enjoy it.
Usually Japanese iris blooms in June.
It is too early now. 


  1. These Wisteria shrubs are blooming nicely and the color of the irises is very intense. Lovely photos!

  2. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    I heard that the time of bloom here is behind this year ,because of unseasonable weather.Now is their best bloom,I heard.
    Byoudou-in(Kyoto) is also famous for the wisteria,but I heard that they don't bloom yet,because of bad weather.

  3. Yes, we've have seen the old wisterias in Byodu-in :)

  4. That's right. It is a pity we can't see its bloom this year...

  5. Oh, I love Wisteria (and Iris)! Can't wait for those near where I life to bloom! (And I've never seen white ones!)

  6. @mysli,
    Thank you,mysli!
    Yes,light purple is often seen in Japan,but there is also a white one,I love it. I like the sweet smell of wisteria.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Your pictures of the Wisteria are absolutely stunning! I love the different shades of lavender and Wisteria's sweet smell.
    The BLUE color of the IRIS' is beautiful also. I will check out the link to youtube too! Thanks for sharing these lovely places you visit in Japan.

  8. @Freida Thomas,
    Thank you,Freida!
    I'm happy if you like these wisteria and iris.
    Yes,I love this deep blue color of the iris,too!
    Is it wisteria season in your city,too? In May?
    I'm very beginner of YouTube..I'm happy if you like it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Kumiko, wonderful pics, I`m sorry for any news from me

  10. @molla,
    Thank you,molla!
    How have you been these days?
    I'm glad we can share these pics.
    Hope you'll have a wonderful day!!