Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hana-shoubu are in full bloom (Heian-jinguu Shrine,Kyoto)

In Japan, "Hana-shoubu" flowers (Japanese Iris) are in full bloom now.
I visited "Shin-en" garden in Heian-jingu Shrine today.
There were so many Iris flowers,blooming beautifully.
I love these graduated deep violet colors.
Iris Flower Meaning is "trust", "truth", "The importance of someone's friendship".
Hope you'll enjoy these photos!


  1. Kumiko, this is really beutiful!!

  2. @molla,
    Thank you,molla!
    I'm happy if you like these flowers.
    In June,iris flowers are at their best in Japan.
    This flower is one of my favorite.
    Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend,molla!

  3. I like irisis. How nice is the garden in Heian-jingu! I envy you, Kumiko, that you may visit every garden, every month, and everytime it will look different! In my memory will stay for ever the sakura moment in Kyoto!

  4. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    Yeah,sakura memory in Kyoto will stay in your memory for ever!
    Hope you'll visit us next year again:)
    I'm kidding.
    Traveling around Europe is my dream,including Greece,so I envy you,too!

    Fortunately at least we can share our experience each other through our blog. So keep in touch!