Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jugoya - 十五夜- Autumun Full Moon (September 19, 2013)

It is full moon tonight.
We call it "Jugoya" (十五夜).
I'm happy to show you this beautiful moon.
Tonight we appreciate the full moon,
enjoying "Tsukimi-Dango" (Japanese sweets).


  1. I learned in Japan that noble people organised parties of admiring the moon, while they were in a boat on a lake. It must have been wonderful!

    I also admired the full moon some days before, over the Mediterranean sea, in Greece:) I returned some hours ago at home. I will write about my days there sometime in December-January. Now I start my South Korean series.

  2. Welcome home,Traveling Hawk!
    Wow,it must have been very nice to see the full moon over the Mediterranean sea! It must be magnificent.
    Yes,you're right.In ancient times,noble people floated boats on the water and enjoyed the full moon in Japan.That is the origin of admiring the moon even now.
    And I'm looking forward to your tales of adventure :)

  3. You enjoy Tsukimi-Dango when viewing the full moon ? frankly, I prefer sipping daiginjo when viewing the full moon :) but I'm not Japanese .

  4. @Walter,
    Thank you,Walter!
    Hahaha! You are the man of thoroughly refined tastes,Walter!
    You enjoy and understand Kimono,Sake,Sushi,Garden,
    You wear kimono so stylishly,
    You have "Japanese Spirit" more than Japanese,
    I admit that :)