Monday, September 23, 2013

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2013

 I visited International Manga Anime Fair in Kyoto on September 8.
I felt the coming of a new era of Japanese Manga,
it is the advent of a new age,
 after old era finished.
Because there were no "Dragon Ball",or "Dorae-mon".
Instead,there were new manga such as "Hakuouki","Madoka-Magika",
 I found funny cosplay girls here:)
The air in this hall was thick of the enthusiasm of the participants. 
The title of this Manga is "Scissiors and dogs require nice handling".
 This is "Hakuou-ki".
"Magical girls Madoka-Magica".
This woman is drawing Manga using PC.
 Many artworks are displayed in this gallery.
 "Chihaya-furu" is featuring a girl who plays Japanese cards game called "Hyakunin-ishu".
 These are original artworks of the artist.
 "Jojo's bizarre adventure"
  This is also the original artwork of the artist.
  "Sengoku-Basara" is famous TV game.(PlayStation3).
Every visitor can try the newest version of "Sengoku-Basara" like this.
It is really powerful and exciting game!
To be continued...


  1. It has to be interesting to be in the middle of such an event. Even if I'm not a manga specialist, I'm glad that many of them are transformed in TV series (not only computer games)! Thanks for sharing this, Kumiko!

  2. @Traveling Hawk,
    Thank you,Traveling Hawk!
    This kind of event has dynamism,energy,I think.
    We receive positive inspiration or influence from such manga artworks or artists.
    Yeah,me too,I hope these manga are transformed and introduced to all over the world:)
    Did you come back from your trip?

  3. Is that there were different show ? (cosplay, music...?)
    Ça avait l'air super.

  4. @Elodie,
    Yes,different show :)
    There were many show such as cosplay,music,game,etc.
    Yeah,we feel special atmosphere there :)
    Thank you,Elodie!

  5. That's how many people start to get interested in Japan. FIrst it's manga (ooh) , then anime ( OOOOH ) , then we discover Ghibli movies ( OMG) , and then we start to wonder about the country they're made in..
    Thank you for posting this , Kumiko-san. Thanks for posting this :)

  6. @Walter,
    Hahahaha! Nice expression. You are expressive,Walter!
    Indeed,"Sen to Chihiro" really amazed us...
    I'm happy if you became interested in Japan because of Ghibli or anime,manga. The reverse is also true,we Japanese are interested in your country.
    If you enjoy this post,it is my pleasure :) Please have a great day,Walter!