Saturday, October 10, 2015

Autumn Nara Sceneries

Today I took a lunch at Oyodo i Center.
This is "Teriyaki Chicken Ju".  "Ju" means boxed dishes.
It was very good
 Autumn scenery at Asuka Village.
Persimmon trees.
In South Nara,we have heavy crop of persimmons every autumn.


  1. Hi, Kumiko! I read about persimmons but never have eaten! It seems that now we have them in our markets (if they are the fruits named also kaki?!) How do you eat them, and what taste do they have?

    1. Thank you for visiting,Traveling Hawk!
      That's right, they are the fruits called "kaki". You're right.
      We peel the skin and eat it.
      When it is not ripened enough,we can't eat it because it is too hard to eat.
      When it is ripened enough,it became soft and we can eat it.
      I like the taste very much,so juicy and sweet.Simple flavor,nice texture :)