Friday, October 30, 2015

Fujiwara-Kyo (ancient Imperial capital of Japan)

I had a periodic health check up (breast cancer) at prefectural hospital last wednesday.
I had a palpation examination. It was so scary experience. Then I had a mammography examination,too. I keenly felt that daily health management is important.
There once was a Capital called "Fujiwara-kyo" here in Nara.
It was the Imperial capital of Japan for sixteen years,between 694 and 710.
It was located here in Yamato Province,having been moved from nearbiy Asuka.


  1. i hope the examination outcome would be no problem.

    1. Thank you,muntan!
      It seems no problem! I had ultrasound scan on this Tuesday,and doctor said it is no problem.
      You too,please take care,muntan! :)

  2. I just returned from Shanghai. I have seen some of the classic gardens in town (4 out of 5), and a large selection of chrythantemum (Kiku), which I loved! You know I love this flower. The Cosmos flowers in your photo are also nice.

    I wish you a good health!

    1. Welcome back home,Traveling Hawk! Wow,it seems you enjoyed seeing Kiku garden in Shanghai. Sounds nice!
      Thank you, please take care of yourself,too :)