Saturday, May 28, 2016

The tea ceremony in Sengoku era

 Chano-yu ceremony was used as the way of leading many retainers,subordinates, by the Lord in Sengoku period. (I mistook the word "lord" in last time post.I'm sorry.)
The Lord Nobunaga was the collector of many precious tea utensils.
When his retainers did the good job,(for example,win the war) he gave his precious tea utensils to the retainers as rewards.
Such rewards as precious tea utensils were used for boosting the motivation of retainers.They were used for increasing the mood of subordinates.
Gradually,tea ceremony became the status symbol for samurai.They show off their status power by opening the tea ceremony.(Tea ceremony was permitted only distinguished retainers in Nobunaga era.)

Tea ceremony was also the only place where samurai had relaxing,pleasant time,after they had appalling wars.


  1. Interesting application, by Lord Nobunaga, of the motivation theory :)

  2. Yes it is :) Hideyoshi was originally a chief vassal of Nobunaga.After Nobunaga's death,Hideyoshi ruled Japan.He spread tea ceremony through ordinary people,as well as noble people.Everyone can enjoy tea ceremony even now,thanks to him.

  3. I know about Hideyoshi, who he was, Kumiko. Just now I'm reading (in translation, of course), Yasushi Inoue's novel "The Noble Lady From Yodo" or Yodo-dono nikki, as it appears the origial title. Chacha, whose family he killed, became his concubine, and she finished to love him. Of course, this is fiction, I think, but it used real facts about the great samurai. I also visited his castle in Osaka :)

  4. Oh,did you read Yodo-dono Nikki? That's really nice.
    I think that novel is faithful to history.Based on actual historical events.So it's not fiction,I think.
    Yes,Chacha became his concubine(in about 1588),it was true.It's not fiction.
    Nene(legal wife) had no baby,but Chacha had son.
    Did you visit Osaka castle? That's great :)