Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sanada Nobushige

Sanada Nobushige
This is true story,not fiction.
He was born (in 1567) and raised in Ueda,Nagano prefecture.He is second son of Sanada Masayuki.
His elder brother is Nobuyuki.
First,he and his family served Oda Nobunaga.
But in 1582,Nobunaga was assassinated by his disloyal retainer,Akechi Mitsuhide,at Hon-nou-ji Temple. It was surprise attack in midnight.
This incident is called "Honnouji no Hen",very famous incident in Japanese history.
Nobushige and his family lost their Lord.
After the death of Nobunaga,the next coming man was Hideyoshi,the closest retainer of Nobunaga.
After that incident,luckily Nobushige became horse guard of Hideyoshi.
To be continued...


  1. Interesting historical facts, Kumiko. Nice picture you draw again!

    1. Thank you,Traveling Hawk!Japanese people tend to sympathize and side with vulnerable persons.It is similar to "underdog charm".