Thursday, September 29, 2016


Sengoku era was so tempestuous,chaotic,turbulent period. Daimyo,feudal lords tried every means to survive this kill-or be killed age. Sometimes they join hands with each other,on the other hand,betrayals also occured frequently.
And women didn't have a choice as to who they would marry.
Marriage was used as a political tool in this era.

Chacha's mother,Ichi,married twice.
Ichi's first husband was Asai (Chacha's father).
This marriage was so political,because Nobunaga,Ichi's brother, forced Ichi to marry with Asai,because he wanted to ally with Asai family.
At first,the relationship between Nobunaga and Asai was amicable.
But this amicable relation didn't last long.
Nobunaga attacked Asai,and destroyed them (in 1573).

Luckily Ichi and her daughter Chacha were helped by Nobunaga's retainer.

Ichi's second husband was Shibata,one of the closest retainer of Nobunaga. They married in 1582.
But unfortunately,Shibata was defeated by Hideyoshi at war in 1583. Shibata and Ichi died by harakiri unfortunately.

Luckily Chacha was helped by Hideyoshi.He didn't kill Chacha,maybe because she was only a little girl.
Hideyoshi made Chacha his concubine.

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  1. As I already wrote, I recently read about Chacha's story. Very turbulent era!

    1. Yes.At first,Chacha didn't want to become Hideyoshi's concubine,but it couldn't be helped.Because her father was beaten by Hideyoshi.Her fate is so tragic.